Friday, 30 September 2016

HOGuru Previews - Adam Wolfe

So I was contacted about covering an upcoming Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (too good to make a HOG, huh?) from Mad Head Games - I'm always interested in trying out new Hidden Object-related games, so naturally I said yes - and these are the screenshots they sent along - obviously you can click to bigafy them.

So, is it just me, or does this thing look impossibly gorgeous? I know I've seen some good-looking games here recently - Nightmares From the Deep 2 was stunning, and the style of Bathory was just amazing, but these look incredibly. Great use of lighting, incredibly detailed locations without moving from stylized to realistic - I know there's no reason to believe the actual game won't look this good, since - you know, it's a HOPA, and they can just use those pictures as the backgrounds, but they still look so amazing that it makes me want to be skeptical.

Also intriguing is the presence of a gun icon down at the bottom left - is the the hidden object game in which I'm finally going to be able to start shooting people? Because I've been waiting for that for a good long while.

In addition to the screenshots, there's a trailer available on YouTube, which I'm not going to watch because I'm wary of spoilers, but if the screens look as good when animated, and if the developers have as good a grasp of puzzle design as they do art, this could be an incredible production.

The biggest news, though, is that everyone is going to get a chance to play the game, it's being broken up into four chapters, with the first being a free demo - will the game live up to my sky-high expectations for it? We can all find out when it's released on the 7th.

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